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IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. overseas volunteering in Cambodia



IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. overseas volunteering in Cambodia

- IGLOO SECURITY to volunteer in Cambodia from 7 to 10 March as part of its representative annual social contribution activities
- Improve children’s playground and donate talents of employees under the theme of ‘protect the dreams of children’
- As a leading company in security, will lead in extending education opportunities of children who are neglected from cultural education​ 

[11 March 2016] IGLOO SECURITY (CEO Deuk choon Lee, www.igloosec.com), a leading company in the next generation integrated security management, announced that it volunteered in Cambodia as part of its representative annual social contribution activity at ‘Our School’, a child education institution in Kep Antongsor. In the volunteer activity of this year that  marksthe fourth year starting from 2013, five employees of IGLOO SECURITY, selected from fierce competition of ‘Igloo Hearmore’  which is held at the end of each year, participated to offer hands in improving children’s playground and donated talents.

In this visit, conducted under the theme of ‘protect the dreams of children’, the employees of IGLOO SECURITY and Our School teachers engaged in activities to improve the children’s playground in the Our School to make it more pleasant by using children’s mat, blocks, and ball pool. As the playground with many risky elements such as solid ground and sharp corners  has been recreated into a safe place with friendly atmosphere, it is expected that it will protect children from accidents  and raise their emotional stability.

Moreover, by donating talents of IGLOO SECURITY employees in diverse fields such as mathematics, fine arts and physical education, diverse programs for extending the education opportunity and raising interest in education of children who are neglected from cultural and regular education were offered. The volunteering focused on developing the education curriculum currently conducted by Our School by actively utilizing the educational application and online lectures suitable for the education level of children and making animation characters with colored clay.


‘IGLOO HEART MORE’ is an event held at the yearend targeting all employees of IGLOO SECURITY to select the participants to ‘Our School overseas volunteer’. The opportunity to volunteer in Our School is given to five employees who were most close to the success and failure of competitions participated by the employee representative. In this ‘IGLOO HEART MORE’ event, seven amazing competitions including limbo, coin soccer, rice-barley game and thigh ssireum were held.


Since 2013, IGLOO SECURITY that focused on educating children in Cambodia neglected from cultural education, has  provided eye level education to children based on the knowledge and experience of employees and supported children of Cambodia economically and socially by delivering donations needed for operating the ‘Our School’ pepper farm.


CEO Deuk choon Lee of IGLOO SECURITY said that “We hope that the Cambodia overseas volunteering conducted for children in need would serve asthe milestone for protecting the dreams of children. IGLOO SECURITY plans to perform the social responsibility assumed  by advanced security companies by conducting social contribution activities so as to extend education opportunity and offer cultural benefits.”​