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IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. Tapped as General Implementer of the Project for Creating Daegu’s AI-Based Intelligent Security Control System



​IGLOO SECURITY, Inc. Tapped as General Implementer of the Project for Creating Daegu’s AI-Based Intelligent Security Control System 



- With the creation of ‘D-Security’, IGLOO SECURITY will focus on coming up with AI-based intelligent security control system

- An outcome that acknowledges IGLOO SECUTIRY’s integrated security solution and its professionalism in security control service

- Creating ‘D-Security’ which evolves through self-diagnosis increases convenience in security operation and shortens the time for responding to breaches 


[Jun. 22, 2017] As a leader of next-generation integrated security management, IGLOO SECURITY (CEO Lee Deuk choon) disclosed that the company was chosen as the general implementer of the project for creating Daegu’s AI-Based Intelligent Security Control System (D-Security), which would be the first AI-based cyber breach response system in South Korea. With this, IGLOO SECURITY will go a step forward from the previously implemented big data-based security control system to create AI–applied cyber breach system, stepping up the company’s security skills and resources.

In creating an information security system that responds to security threats that are becoming ever more intelligent and exquisite, AI draws attention as a crucial element that deserves first consideration. It is because quickly detecting traces of attacks in the midst of more than several tens of millions of daily occurring security events requires a top-of-the-line ability to store and analyze data. AI technology, which operates on its vast learning of threat intelligence, will demonstrate great performance in drawing up an efficient response strategy.

Having spearheaded the acquisition of advanced intelligent information technology, Daegu Metropolitan City aims to get a world-top AI-based intelligent security control system that can strengthen the city’s IT competitiveness.  ▶ Thus, the city goes ahead with the demonstration project, which focuses on a) developing a machine learning-based AI system which analyzes attack patterns through continuous and repeated learning, b) getting ‘D-Knowledge Center’ which collects latest threat intelligence real time, and c) creating ‘security vulnerabilities auto-detection system’ which can mount early responses by automatically detecting vulnerabilities.

For this purpose, Daegu City considered several security companies, which had years of experience in providing security control service and developing security solutions, had the verified ability to complete different specific projects within a specified time segment, and had continuously incorporated AI technology to security. The city now accelerates its creation of ‘D-Security’ by choosing IGLOO SECURITY as its main implementer in recognition of its track record in providing integrated services of security solutions, consulting, security control, and training service that are optimized for customer’s business status and security environment.

IGLOO SECURITY will start the project in June 2017 and complete the creation of D-Security in next January. ‘D-Security’는 ▶‘D-Knowledge Center’, ▶ D-Security has previously introduced security control system (SIEM) and newly created ‘D-Knowledge Center’ and ‘security vulnerabilities auto diagnosis system’ connected with the machine learning-based AI system. Creating D-Security which evolves through self-diagnosis, the city expects, will strengthen cyber breach analysis and response, come up with an early prevention system, and increase the efficiency of information asset operation. 

. First of all, IGLOO SECURITY will get down to the development of AI forecasting algorithm which is connected with SIEM. Moreover, the company will create ‘D-Knowledge Center’ which collects latest information real time from a global threat intelligence disclosure site, so that the AI system can continuously perform repeated learning (data input > learning > classifying abnormal data > analysis > feedback). Also, the company will create a basis for ‘D-Security Government Service’, which creates an asset out of the data accumulated through the AI forecasting algorithm and ‘D-Knowledge Center’ and provides it to the organizations affiliated with Daegu City and companies in general.

Furthermore, IGLOO SECURITY will also be responsible for the demonstration project for creating ‘security vulnerabilities auto detection system’, which automatically diagnoses and patches up vulnerabilities involved in the countless resources of Daegu’s IT infrastructure. With the AI forecasting algorithm and ‘security vulnerabilities auto detection system’, which automatically collects real time IT asset data and information on vulnerabilities which a security manager previously had to collect personally and promptly takes actions to those vulnerabilities, the security manager’s work will enjoy increased convenience and efficiency while breach response time will be drastically reduced.

CEO Lee Deuk choon of IGLOO SECURITY said, “Daegu’s ‘AI-Based Intelligent Security Control System’ project will not only make the city the first public agency to strengthen the security of the city’s IT infrastructure by not only creating an AI-based security breach response system, but also providing its affiliated organizations and companies with AI’s automated learning and information on security vulnerabilities. Looking ahead, IGLOO SECURITY will work hard to create an AI-based intelligent security control system with a view to strengthening the defense for information infrastructure.”​