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Launch of malicious mail simulation ASP service ‘MESS’



Igloo security,

Launch of malicious mail simulation ASP service MESS


-    improve awareness about security in the company through a five-stage simulation service

-    provide optimized environment catering to needs and requests from institutions

-    easily usable to anyone


[August 6th, 2012] A leading integrated security management company for next generation, Igloo security (CEO: Lee Deuk-choon, www.igloosec.co.kr) has announced that MESS(Malicious E-Mail Simulation Service) will be launched to improve employees’ awareness about security and inspect infection of malignant code and leakage of inside information through email exchanges.


The cases of leakage of malignant codes have recently increased due to malicious emails from outside that make computers in the company infected. In particular, as damages have significantly occurred from information leakage other than outside attacks, institutions and companies are increasingly carrying out malicious e-mail simulation service whose pattern is the same with actual malicious emails.


In that regard, Igloo security with a wide variety of simulation services has joined forces with the web-solution development company, Gotgan to release malicious e-mail simulation ASP service (MESS). MESS is quite a useful service to establish measures to respond to malicious emails in the future as it features detailed reporting functions which can identify the structure and results of the service.


MESS can be carried out once the e-mail account of a trainee is registered after system administrator account is registered. In addition, a total of 5 steps are gone through 1) shortlist 2) e-mail creation 3) mail sending 4) mail recipient response(DB history of readers), 5) result creation(including report, and the administrator can easily manage statistics of mail reading, malignant link(URL) click and execution of attached files(malicious code infection). 


Package purchase of the service is possible. It only takes 3 hours from installation to use and after completion of a brief education anyone can use the service with ease. In addition, by actively reflecting opinions of the training personnel of each institution, user-friendly environment (UI) was created while security was secured for information gathering and mass mail sending. Optimal environment can be offered to users as flexible customization catering to needs and policies of each institution is provided. 


Lee Min-sub, head of operations of Igloo Security’s security operation team was quoted as saying, MESS which was launched recently will provide institutions and companies with optimal environment through solutions with long-time experiences and know-how of Igloo Security being applied. He went on to say,  Igloo Security is determined to continuously improve employees’ awareness about security and establish effective structure to respond to malignant email attacks.”