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IS-CloudBox, server access privileges management system






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[May 23th, 2013] A leading integrated security management company for next generation, Igloo security (CEO: Lee Deuk-choon, www.igloosec.co.kr) has announced that it will launch access privileges management system, IS-CloudBox which helps effectively manage access privileges of inside information and business history.

As the number of security incidents has significantly increased due to the negligence of outside workforce, the importance of coming up with policies to manage access privileges of outside workforce and restrict system access has been growing bigger. In particular, as regulations in respect of inside information protection including Privacy Act, Information and Communications facilitation regulations and e-finance supervision regulations have been implemented in earnest in addition to spread of cloud computing environment, the market’s demand for effective management solution regarding access privileges has been exploded.
In an bid to live up to the market’s expectations, Igloo Security has presented a new management system of server access privileges, IS-CloudBox, and it helps restrict indiscreet access made by users to major assets by systematically managing dispersed accounts of different kinds of systems. In particular, effective control of leakage of major assets by outside workforce can be made possible as real-time monitor screen which enables management personnel to confirm users’ work history is provided and original copies are saved for post audit.


IS-CloudBox is comprised of cloud server which provides users with virtual environments and access management servers linked to crucial assets. Assess management servers prevent unauthorized users from directly making access to the systems and control indiscreet access to major assets while cloud servers provide users with a virtual environment to prevent information leakage and access is made possible through exclusive clients consoles and average PCs. Work history of all users is saved in worm disks to block voluntary deletion or counterfeit/falsification of work logs.  
In particular, IS-CloudBox offers dashboard screen which enables users to easily understand the latest major events and real-time session information provided by the servers, and managers can manage inside assets on the basis of the current system information provided by IS-CloudBox.
Moreover, practice history of users is recorded and saved in the form of video clips and can be replayed through IS-Cloud Box management viewers. Out of the saved history, with the use of search functions the part users want to view can be easily searched. The work details which have been searched and classified can be drawn up in the form of report and submitted to managers if necessary.  
Lee Deuk-choon, CEO of Igloo Security was quoted as saying,
IS-CloudBox, recently launched is the result achieved by Igloo Security to realize customer satisfaction and a safe society by quickly responding to the market trend and customers’ demand” As IS-CloudBox is a product developed faithfully reflecting the market’s demand, we expect that IS-CloudBox can provide security personnel who ponder over coming up with measures to regulate inside information leakage with substantial assistance.”
Meanwhile, Igloo Security which refused to settle for the status quo as a leading company in the field of ESM has accelerated its efforts to expand product line-up to become a true global integrated security company. In particular, in an effort to launch competitive products at home and abroad, Igloo Security has significantly increase R&D investment and is planning to actively utilize the company’s idea contest.