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Launching real-time analysis system of abnormal traffic, IS-ATRA 1.5




Igloo security,

Launching real-time analysis system of abnormal traffic, IS-ATRA 1.5



- greatly reinforce user convenience and analysis ability of the existing IS-ATRA
- has the same effect as being provided with experience and know-how of high-quality human resources around-the-clock


[June 4th, 2013] ] A leading integrated security management company for next generation, Igloo security (CEO: Lee Deuk-choon, www.igloosec.co.kr) has announced that it will launch IS-ATRA 1.5, an upgraded version of abnormal traffic analysis system. < !--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

As cyber threats that blindside weak points of unit security solutions have recently increased, in response to the threats, security personnel have come up with measures such as information sharing, understanding of weak points and swift actions after incidents. As for attacks, however, with no viable countermeasures, systems end up  being vulnerable and being heavily dependent on security personnel in the case of cyber threats. In particular, customers’ demand for integrated security control system which can swiftly transmitting data after proactively responding to ever-changing network environment and analyzing a wide variety of security and network information has gradually increased. 
Keeping up with the customers’ demand, Igloo Security has launched
IS-ATRA 1.5 that analysis capabilities and user convenience of IS-ATRA are greatly improved. 
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The engine of IS-ATRA intelligently learns information generated from a wide variety of networks and security equipment and sets abnormal traffic “reference data” optimized for customer network environment. The newly-developed IS-ATRA 1.5 offers an improved accuracy of reference data compared toIS-ATRA.
Based on the advantages, IS-ATRA 1.5detects symptoms different from usual network features by comparing and analyzing traffic information infused real time. After calculating how much the relevant symptoms exert influence over the whole network (risk index), IS-ATRA 1.5 projects the results on screen. In particular, if IS-ATRA 1.5 is established with EMS solution centered on event analysis, a significant amount of synergy effects can be expected. 

IS-ATRA 1.5 is largely composed of Collector, Engine and Viewer. Firstly, collector collects analysis information about security log and traffic of unit security equipment, network resources and network equipment to produce normalized data for intelligent analysis. 
Secondly, engine offers significant analysis results to security personnel by analyzing collected data through
Threat analysis technology based on advanced decision’ in a more comprehensive and three-dimensional way. 
Lastly, viewer projects information collected/analyzed real time on screen in the form of charts and graphs. In particular, composite risk index calculated by the engine are displayed in 5 stages (normal, abnormal, warning, alert, danger) which enables users to understand changes in security risk at a glance. In addition, through combined bulletin which explains the current status of the whole network, overall monitoring results can be utilized as viable criteria regarding the existence of abnormal traffic.

In the case of threatening circumstances, IS-ATRA 1.5 offers a scenario-based detection function which transforms threatening situations into events to easily identify symptoms for those who are not specialists in network and systems. In addition, with packet analysis function added to the web page, if detailed analysis of traffic is required, detailed analysis of L7-level Raw-Data can be made possible. Through the function, business accuracy of security control personnel can be remarkably improved. 
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Additionally, view convenience and resolution have been significantly improved. Web-based customized dashboard of IS-ATRA 1.5 has increased business efficiency and realized one-point monitoring in the position of security controllers by projecting information on a single screen. 
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CEO of Igloo Security, Lee Deuk-choon was quoted as saying, If IS-ATRA 1.5 is introduced, customers will be able to enjoy the same effect as being provided with experience and know-how of high-quality human resources around-the-clock. As IS-ATRA 1.5 is a product which reflects the real control site, we hope that IS-ATRA 1.5 can significantly contribute to the improvement of accuracy and efficiency of security control.”