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Positioned to solidify information security consulting



Igloo security, 

Positioned to solidify information security consulting


-    recruit Cha Gun-sang, former technical expert of Ministry of Public Administration and Security as head of operations of information security consulting 

-    prepared to solidify consulting capabilities and secure consults of high caliber

-    provide consulting service centered on customers


[December 4, 2012] A leading integrated security management company for next generation, Igloo security (CEO : Lee Deuk-choon, www.igloosec.co.kr) has announced that it is planning to kick start a program in respect of  information security consulting as one of new growth engines for the next year and to proactively strengthen consulting capabilities as well as advance into other markets.


In domestic information security consulting market, customers’ needs for consulting service have remarkably increased as cases of information leakage and incidents have skyrocketed while all sorts of regulations including Privacy Act and information network law have been greatly reinforced. In keeping with the current market trend, market size of information security consulting for the following year is expected to be significantly expanded.


Igloo security has maintained a leading status in the market of security management solution and service, resulting in acquiring profound knowledge of and insight into security and user-friendly business environment, Bringing out the advantages, Igloo Security is planning to offer security consulting services which are optimized to business environment and more conclusive.


As a first-step to strengthen the project capabilities, Igloos security has appointed Cha Gun-sang, former expert adviser of Ministry of Public administration and Security as a chief of information security consulting center..


Cha Gun-sang, head of operations of information security consulting scouted in 2007 has played a pivotal role in establishing guide lines and laws regarding all sorts of information security as well as enacting Privacy Act. Moreover, Mr. Cha has significantly contributed to improvement of awareness and level of information security by developing teaching materials and books including E-government security management business manual, guide to public institutions’ CCTV management, standard of measures to secure security of personal information, standard of risk analysis in respect of personal information and guide to encryption.


Igloos security is planning to expand its influence in the market of information security consulting by capitalizing on various experiences and specialty provided by Mr. Cha. In addition, it intends to recruit consulting personnel of high caliber until the first half of next year and acquire qualifications of special information security agency which will be additionally designated next year.


Cha Gun-sang, head of operations of information security consulting was quoted as saying, It is a great honor to join Igloo Security with a firm base and challenging spirits and we are determined to provide “consulting service centered on customers” which can create safe business environment and produce a great deal of productivity rather than simply creating profits from the standpoint of customers.