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IGLOO SECURITY, INC. – Autonomous A2Z Co., Ltd., Autonomous vehicle data security business cooperation



IGLOO SECURITY, INC. - Autonomous A2Z Co., Ltd., 
Autonomous vehicle data security business cooperation

- Strengthening self-driving vehicle data security business based on unique technology... Development of autonomous driving security monitoring system

[September 14, 2021] Igloo Security is working with Autonomous A2Z to develop an autonomous driving security monitoring system. Igloo Security, a leading artificial intelligence based cyber security company (CEO Lee Deuk-choon,, and Autonomous A2Z, an autonomous driving solution development company An MOU was signed.
Igloo Security participates in the 'Technology development for autonomous cooperative driving road traffic system operation' research project carried out by the Korea Land, Infrastructure and Transport Science and Technology Agency (KAIA) since 2019. It is developing core technologies for autonomous cooperative driving road traffic system operation control center, such as sharing technology and AI-based security operation platform technology development. Recently, it acquired a patent on a method to improve the quality and collection efficiency of autonomous driving security data, accelerating the acquisition of unique autonomous driving security technology.
Autonomous A2Z, which consists of experts in autonomous driving and vehicle control, has been conducting advanced development and demonstration projects for a number of autonomous driving platforms through technical cooperation with major Korean telecommunication companies and platform companies since its establishment in 2018. Recently, Kakao Mobility, as well as Kakao Investment, KB Investment, KN Investment Partners, and Enlight Ventures, have attracted large-scale investments of more than 10 billion Korean won and have been recognized for their technological prowess.
Starting with this MOU, Igloo Security and Autonomous A2Z will share autonomous driving-related technology and data between the two companies and begin full-fledged cooperation for autonomous driving data security business. Based on Igloo Security's integrated analysis technology for heterogeneous security events and Autonomous A2Z's autonomous driving platform development capability, it is speeding up the development of the autonomous driving security monitoring system. In addition, joint marketing activities to promote autonomous vehicle data security business are carried out, and the company closely cooperates in the development of related patents.
Igloo Security plans to accelerate the advancement of technology for detecting security threats in autonomous vehicles through organic collaboration with Autonomous A2Z. It creates a threat detection data model optimized for autonomous driving based on essential information for autonomous driving security threat control selected from autonomous driving data collected from autonomous cooperative driving road infrastructure and autonomous driving vehicles. Based on this, we plan to develop a security monitoring system that can detect various types of autonomous vehicle threats and apply it to autonomous vehicles.
Igloo Security CEO Lee Deuk-choon said, “After COVID-19, as the importance of non-face-to-face transportation to move safely while minimizing human contact has increased, the importance of cyber security, the seat belt of self-driving cars, is also being emphasized. We will strengthen the synergy of self-driving data security with Autonomous A2Z, which has world-class self-driving technology, and put our energy into the development of self-driving security monitoring systems.”
Ji-hyeong Han, CEO of Autonomous A2Z, said, “In order to complete safe autonomous driving level 4 technology, data transmission and reception with external systems through ‘V2X’ is essential. It is the most basic and essential safety device. Through collaboration with Igloo Security, which has the best cybersecurity technology in Korea, we will build a world-class autonomous driving communication security system and become a global leader in the upcoming fully autonomous driving market.”